• Motoko Lewis


I've only had a few visual dream to this date, but the most recent one was so striking I mocked up immediately. In my head, it was one large scale picture, but I didn't have time for grabbing larger paper(I felt I'd forget the images while going to my storage for the paper, …would be just a 5min max. time, lol) Once the vision started to move into a narrative, I've lost my focus(in my dream.) I have heard a woman saying that there are all red. … I think I heard my voice saying something similar to that effect too., but feeling was obligatory. Story is irrelevant. The young girl was a classmate from school, but she appeared at the end of scene. Her face was so clear to me, almost scary.…I think that was when the narrative started and I covered my ears, though I was curious what had been said or happened in my semi conscious mind. I remember there was my mother's voice at the end. Like stream of water behind me, as if to cut through the velvety vine charcoal dust in the scene, her crisp voice shattered my dream. That voice was a streak of highlight in the dark. I did not make that mark on these sketches, but will remember. I know it.

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