• Motoko Lewis

Fabriano Classic Artist's Journal

I have not tried out variety of drawing papers to this date, but I think I have been in love with Ingres paper. So when I found out that Fabriano Classic Artist's Journal is consisting of two different colors of Ingres paper, the match was made. I almost religiously keep this book with me wherever I go(not really anywhere outside of my house because I don't go anywhere(lol), but each room in my house have to have them..., just in case I come across an urge to run some lines on the paper.) I have been challenging myself to draw small scale out from necessity, but this paper allows me to do it without confined feeling. There are two size on journals, amazingly I am loving the smaller one, 6.25 x 4.75. I never dreamed of using a mechanical pencil, but here again I am loving using it.

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