Her Name was 美智子

     She once told me that her name was too perfect to be given. "Beauty美" and "wisdom智" in her name that was too much to handle as an ordinary being, so she was implying. Her life as I saw was filled with grief, yet I saw her as a woman standing always straight with warm smile in her eyes. By the time I started to understand who she was, her eyes were frozen beneath of her smiles. I still knew who she was without her frozen eyes, but there was something larger than life secluding her own existence. 

     Her true self, including her frozen eyes I've grieved many years and many times. I know the frozen eyes now, for I think I have them too. I took off from her to find myself, but I have been only looking for her while being away from her. My mother's name was Michiko and I am still searching her, and I might be nearer to her essence for that she is eternal now.